Poetry (I’m Too Prosaic for This)

by checkeredfoxglove

So I wrote a poem. It was weird. I don’t do poetry. But it wasn’t working as a story, so I went and experimented. I also tried it with “cunt” for “fingers”, but “cunt” doesn’t have enough syllables and “pussy” is iambic and I needed a trochaic word (also, logic: how does one reach over a riverbank with one’s cunt? I do not know), so I’m unfortunately stuck with the less vulgar version.


Tantalus in the River

I am Tantalus in the river,

and by your hand I cheat the gods.

With my mouth I bite the air below the peach,

crack my teeth,

bite my tongue,

starve in the shy water.

But from your fingers I lick sweet nectar,

and my belly,

so full of warmth,

no longer cries.