Historical Microfiction, Yay!

Teeny wee short story set at 3:00 in the morning on March 6th, 1788, in Kyoto, Japan. What happened that day? The biggest unattributed case of arson the world had ever seen. One person (presumably) burned down a huge percentage of the city, due to massive winds that jumped fire breaks and surrounded firefighters. It burned for three days and took down the royal palace. I can’t find a reference on the internet, but it’s the Tenmei fire if you’re interested.

Inspired by this fabulous picture by the princely RivkaZ¬†and Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine. However, there is only one devil in the story. Perhaps each great fire has its own devil…? I do not know.

550 words.

Summary: Aiko doesn’t want to look, but the orange light won’t stop flickering, and she is too afraid not to.

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